Your Least Favourite Workout

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“I hate the assault bikes”…”I’d do anything other than push the sleds”…”I hate running”…

Common refrains of the CrossFit participant. Wouldn’t it be great if these kinds of things never appeared in your programme?

Well, probably not.

Typically, when you really dislike a movement or activity, it means you’re not very good at it (yet). The process of attacking things you are not good at, and gradually becoming “kind of OK” at them instead, is the fastest way to change yourself.

You hit diminishing returns very quickly with activities you are already very good at. If you already squat 200kg, your life is not going to change very much if you get your squat up to 210kg.

On the other hand, if you can’t run to the end of the road without stopping for a nap, getting to the point where you can run for a mile without stopping will improve a heck of a lot of things about you. You’ll probably lose some weight, your energy levels will improve, your mood will change, you’ll feel lighter on your feet and your joints will thank you.

So I’ve got a challenge for you. The next time your least favourite movement appears in a workout don’t say “oh, I hate this”, or come up with an excuse to miss the gym that day. Say “oh great, a workout that targets my specific weaknesses and allows me an opportunity to grow and develop my fitness much more rapidly than other movements. Today will be really beneficial”

Embrace the suck. The results are waiting on the other side of it.

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