Success Stories (1st)

Making A Difference In The Lives Of Everyday People


Niki Berthenshaw

I signed up for the 12-week programme and am still here 12-months later. I have always exercised but never found somewhere where I actually looked forward to going to the gym to get a good workout amongst great people. It’s weird when you no longer make excuses to not go to the gym and practically skip there at 6am (ok, maybe not skip!).

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The best thing about CFS is that it will push you out of your comfort zone, but in a way that means you will actually seek it out. You will want to push yourself at things like in-house competitions just for the laughs, as well as in your regular sessions, and you will enjoy every minute of it. Might sound cheesy, but joining CFS changed my life and I will always be forever grateful to coaches like Will and the amazing friends I’ve made here. Join today – you will never regret it.

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Michelle Reynolds

I now fit back into most of my clothes, I can do 40 calories on the assault bike in 2.5 minutes (although every calorie is torture!), I’ve lost about 20lbs, reduced my Body Fat back to normal range, my hipbones and waist have made a miraculous comeback, taken part in my first CFS competition where I completed a handstand wall hold for 2 minutes.

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Achieved a PB on all 4 major lifts, as well as hitting Will’s (optimistic!) goal for me of a 100 kilo squat by Christmas!

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Declan O’Neil

I started as a new year newbie on a 3 month stint. 12 months later I couldn’t imagine not going. While in decent fitness starting, following the instructions of the trainers here has made me stronger than I’ve ever been while keen eyes correct form and answer any questions I have. Pricier than a ordinary gym, but they help you achieve extraordinary results.