Movement Tips: The Squat

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No other exercise has the same impact on you as the back squat. The reason for this is because it is a beautiful intersection of 3 things –  the squat allows you to:

  • move the most weight
  • through the longest range of motion
  • using the largest amount of muscle mass possible.

There may be other exercises like the deadlift, where you move more weight, and exercises like the clean&jerk where you move through more range of motion, but the squat hits the sweet spot between all three of these things together.

Thus, the squat will CHANGE more things about you than any other exercise…when you do it right.

The sheer amount of work happening in a properly performed set of squats affects much more than just the working muscles. Your entire metabolism and hormonal system is affected by heavy squats. Your bones get denser. Your connective tissue becomes stronger.  They will quite literally turn you into a different person.

So why doesn’t everyone do them? Like many worthwhile things in life, squatting is hard. It’s challenging to learn, it’s scary when it’s heavy, and it’s difficult to do well.

Don’t like hard things? Best get a different exercise.

If you want RESULTS though, best get squatting.

Here’s how:

  • Place the bar in the rack at about the same height as your shoulders
  • Take a grip a little outside the width of your shoulders
  • Without moving your hands, duck down and walk all the way in under the bar.
  • Get yourself into a nice vertical line, with your feet, hips and shoulders all directly underneath the bar
  • Squeeze your chest up and pull your arms in towards your sides to tighten your upper back.
  • Take a deep breath, then stand up with the bar.
  • Holding yourself tight, take two steps back
  • Place your heels about hip width apart, pointing your toes out about 15 degrees
  • Take another big deep breath
  • Sit all the way down by pushing your knees out and keeping your weight over the centre of your foot.
  • Without pausing, stand straight back up by driving your chest up into the bar.
  • Re-rack the bar by walking forward until you hit the uprights on the rack.
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