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The Deadlift is one of the best answers to the question “how strong are you?”. Every muscle in your body from your ankles up to the back of your head is challenged, and thus developed, in some capacity by a correctly performed deadlift. If you want to make a lot of things very strong, very quickly at the same time, you need to be deadlifting.

The movement itself is incredibly beneficial to your life outside the gym too. It’s hard to think of anything more fundamental and useful than bending over, and picking up a really heavy object.

Picking things up is likely something you’ve had to do at some point in your life – be it your groceries, your child, your sofa or perhaps your comatose friend who needs to get off your sofa and get the hell out of your apartment. You’ll probably have to pick things up again at some point too, and you’ll save yourself at least a couple of back injuries over the next few decades by getting really, really good at deadlifting in the gym.

So, let’s talk about how to do it right:

Points Of Performance

  • Walk up to the bar until it is directly over the centre of your foot
  • When you look down, the bar should just cover the knots of your laces.
  • Stand with feet with hip-width apart, toes pointed out a little
  • With stiff legs, reach down and take a narrow grip on the bar, just outside your knees
  • Without rolling the bar, bend your knees until your shins lightly touch the barbell
  • DO NOT ROLL THE BAR. If it moved on the previous step, start again.
  • Straighten your back by squeezing your chest up into your chin
  • Take a deep breath and smoothly SQUEEZE the bar off the floor
  • Stand all the way up…then put it back down.
  • Repeat
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