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Our facility is unlike any other gym you’ve been to before. We pride ourselves not only in providing world class CrossFit training, but we also believe in creating a motivating and dynamic environment filled with like-minded people of all ages and body types, and those who are committed to working hard and achieving lasting fitness results. We love what we do and it shows on the gym floor. Come in and see for yourself!

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Fitness Sandyford - Tom Gannon - CrossFit Samndyford

Tom Gannon

Tom is quite often the behind the scenes guy at CrossFit Sandyford. Getting involved with CrossFit initially as a customer and then helping to develop the business to where it is today. Ambitious goals and a true passion for all things business. His desire to build the dream job and lifestyle for himself and all team members is relentless. If you have an idea and think it could never be a reality book some time with Tom and see what he thinks, you might walk away with a new perspective.


William Walshe

Will is a formerly overweight, unhealthy guy who decided to do something about it. At 21 years old he weighed 110kg (17.3 stone) and had what his doctor described as “normal blood pressure for a 54 year-old”. After that wake-up call, he developed an obsession with learning and applying everything he could about nutrition and fitness. In the 11 or so years since then he’s been ranked in the top 5% of competitive CrossFit athletes in Europe for multiple years in a row, he’s been Leinster Weightlifting champion, he’s co-founded CrossFit Sandyford and he’s helped coach hundreds of other people through their own personal fitness transformations too. See what he can do for you.


Rick Nally

Rick has always been heavily involved in sport and fitness – trying his hand at everything from rugby to taekwondo to bouldering – developing his skill set and incorporating new ideas in to his training with each new venture. In college he began competing in distance running and went on to represent Ireland at Celtic XC, European XC and World Mountain Running Championships. After spending 2 years studying abroad on a sports scholarship to the University of North Texas, Rick graduated with an MSc. in Kinesiology in 2018 and returned home to Dublin to pursue his love of coaching and helping others achieve their fitness goals.


Christian Willis

Growing up in Australia, Christian swam competitively from the ages of 10-15, it wasn’t until just before his 16th birthday when he watched pumping iron for the first time, that his life changed forever. Ever since then the gym has been his passion and a major part of his life for over a decade, his ever-growing hunger for knowledge led him to train in multiple styles of lifting including periods focused on bodybuilding, powerlifting and hardstyle kettlebells, while also training Brazilian jiu-jitsu for a number of years, rock climbing, western boxing, multiple types of yoga and regularly open sea swimming. This love of training led him to pursue a degree in sports science, it was there that he found his niche, completing his thesis on the effectiveness of heat exposure coupled with cold exposure as a tool for recovery and maximising athletic performance, the first of its kind carried out anywhere in the world. This long road then led him to personal training people from all demographics from athletes to regular folk until he found Crossfit. He then fell in love with the style of training and made the decision to leave the research behind and pursue a career in coaching.


Aaron Farrelly

Aaron first started his learning in sports and fitness as a teenager picking up boxing and gymnastics. powerlifting and bodybuilding over the years. With an urge to continue to learn and develop his knowledge Aaron would spend his days completing courses and researching diet and training strategies. 

Aaron has been training and competing in combat sports MMA/K1 utilizing what he has learned in strength and conditioning, diet and sports psychology learned through the years to enhance his performance, continuing to learn from various coaches in Wrestling, Brazilian jiujitsu, Muay Thai, Sports Karate and Boxing.

Aaron is still in search of constant improvement and bettering himself as a coach in Crossfit Sandyford. He takes great enjoyment in passing on what he has learned to others and helping them reach their goals. 

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Located in the heart of Sandyford Industrial Estate, less than a 10 minute walk from the Luas and conveniently located just off junction 13 on the M50.