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Our facility is unlike any other gym you’ve been to before. We pride ourselves not only in providing world class CrossFit training, but we also in creating a motivating and dynamic environment filled with like-minded people of all ages and body types, who are committed to working hard and achieving lasting fitness results. We love what we do and it shows on the gym floor. Come in and see for yourself!

Getting Started At Crossfit Sandyford


Gym Sandyford - CrossFit Sandyford
Step One

Free One to One Introduction

Because everyone and every fitness journey is different, we’ll begin by taking the time to get to know you, your goals and what would make a dream-come-true result for you.

Gym Sandyford - CrossFit Sandyford
Step Two

Beginners Classes

Ready to get started? Our Beginners’ classes take you through the fundamentals of CrossFit, putting you on the road to success! Classes run every weekday evening and Saturday mornings.

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Step Three

General Classes

Hungry for more? If you have completed the Beginners’ classes or if you’re an experienced CrossFit athlete then you are ready to join regular classes. Visit our pricing page for great membership options and call us to get started.

Why You’ll Love Training With Us


Gym Sandyford - Crossfit Sandyford

Tailored Fitness Programmes

Every workout we offer is programmed and tailored specifically to your ability and fitness goals. That’s right – on every class! Whatever fitness level you are at, our coaches oversee your programme to help you safely and steadily improve on your fitness goals.

Gym Sandyford - Crossfit Sandyford

Complimentary Weekly Nutrition Review

Our professionally trained and expert coaches will check in with you every week to offer feedback and guidance on the support structure you need to fuel your efforts – be that nutrition, sleep, or recovery advice.

Gym Sandyford - Crossfit Sandyford

One-to-one Consultations Every 8 Weeks

You can chat to us about your training any time, and to make sure we never miss anything, we also schedule regular one-to-one in-person consultations to review how you’re doing, celebrate your progress and discuss where you’d like to go next!

Gym Sandyford - Crossfit Sandyford

Friendship & Accountability

At CrossFit Sandyford, our community is our greatest strength. You’ll make lifelong friends to help inspire, challenge and motivate you. We train together, socialise together, and inspire each other to do our best and achieve our best!

Gym Sandyford - Crossfit Sandyford

Free Online Workout Tracking

Log your workouts and track improvements through our smartphone app. Monitor your progress, record your personal achievements, engage with other members, and get feedback from your coaches.

Gym Sandyford - Crossfit Sandyford

A Structured, Progressive Program

One-size doesn’t fit all, so we have a variety of programming streams to accommodate everyone from total beginners to experienced athletes, built on sound principals of progression and quality movement.

Gym Sandyford - Crossfit Sandyford

Precision Bodyfat Testing

Unlimited access to the start-of-the-art Inbody body composition analyser . Remove all the guesswork from losing fat, tracking your diet, gaining muscle or pursuing optimum performance.

Gym Sandyford - Crossfit Sandyford

Regular Fitness Testing And Re-testing

Our regular assessments allow us to identify weaknesses. We then use this data to tailor workouts to help you effectively reach your goals.

Gym Sandyford - Crossfit Sandyford

Quality Capped Class Sizes

You’re more than a number to us! We want you to get the attention you deserve every session and that’s why we keep the student to instructor ratio below 10:1 on our main floor, and no more than 6:1 in our beginners programme.

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Making A Difference In The Lives Of Everyday People


I was: 120kg, a smoker and could barely do 1.5km in a brisk walk without being breathless. October 2010 I was: 120kg, a smoker and could barely do 1.5km in a brisk walk without being breathless. May 2012 I was: 102.5kg. And I had a 13 minute baseline. Just started biking. And could barely play 90 minutes of medium intensity football. Now I am: 96.5 kg. I can run 400 meters in 1.30.

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Which is a big deal for me. And I recently just broke my record for lifting more than my weight. Both in the dead lift and the back squat.

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Foti Katsikersis

Medical School Student (Graduate program).

In truth I was extremely skeptical.
Crossfit for me began as a 2 month experiment but has now become a permanent part of my efforts to remain fit and healthy. Despite my ageing limbs, I’m competitive about my sport, am an active football and squash player and have been pretty injury free over the years!

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But a nagging muscle annoyance that turned into a six month injury lay-off preventing me from playing anything had me frustrated and inactive for the first time in my life 2 years ago. Physio, road running and prolonged rest just weren’t solving the problem. A friend recommended Crossfit Ireland so I decided to give it a go. I have never been interested in weights and could never see the point in gyms so in truth I was extremely skeptical.

However, I threw myself into it and five months after I started, I was back playing all the sports I enjoy and totally injury-free. I am now stronger than I’ve ever been in my life, am eating better, feel as healthy as I have ever felt and see crossfit now as a permanent part of just living well.

Thanks to all the Crossfit lads who are committed, professional and have helped me hugely.

Colm hasn’t a clue about sport though and thinks rugby is skillful which is hilarious.

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Glen McGahern

At the beginning this gave my rather large Rugby jock ego a big kick in the you know wheres. Before I joined Crossfit Ireland I always thought that I was strong, fit and healthy. Boy was I wrong. Coming from a background of playing Rugby for over the past twenty years and doing weights on a regular basis I thought I was quite strong and could lift heavy weights. Then Will, Colm and James showed me the correct techniques to the lifts.

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At the beginning this gave my rather large Rugby jock ego a big kick in the you know wheres. But after a while when things started to click and what the lads have said and showed me what to do all makes sense. My knees no longer ache when a squat because I drive my knees out instead of letting them collapse like I used to. My hips and shoulder etc don’t get half as stiff any more because I stretch and focus on my mobility more so than I used too. I now have pbs of 160KG for deadlift, 85kg for power clean and 85kg for Clean and Jerk and I look forward to setting more and then breaking them and setting new ones again.

Looking at things now I wish that I had found Crossfit Ireland years ago. It also helps that I have a wonderful wife that understands the importance of fitness and health. I am sure their are others out there who are in the same boat as me and have a young family. I want to make sure that when my son is older that I can go out to a Rugby field and kick a ball around with my son and not be out of breath.

Lads I look forward to continue to train with you in the future.

Thanks for everything so far.

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Shane Collins

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