There are 168 hours in a week. Most people in CrossFit Ireland spend 3-5 of those hours with us, mastering new skills, training hard, having fun and smashing personal records left, right and centre. However, all this hard work just will not give you the changes to your health and body composition that you deserve if you don’t address the other 160 hours too. This is where our new Food as Fuel classes come in.

People tend to over-complicate nutriton and then decide it’s just too much for them. We’re going to make this very, very simple. We’re going to talk about what you should eat, what you should not eat and then set about showing you how to set up a day and a week’s worth of food for yourself.

We’ll discuss common pitfalls, things to watch out for and give you strategies for dealing with them. First class is on Wednesday September 21st at 8:30pm, and will run for about 40 minutes.

Remember, if any of your goals involve being stronger, fitter, leaner, healthier or more energetic, you need to eat a certain way. If the way you eat does not match your goals, you’ve got 2 working choices: either change your goals, or change the way you eat.

Workout of the Day:
Clean & Jerk

Tabata Mash Up:
Push Ups
Ring Dips

Some Motivation (Click to Enlarge)

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