Dynamic Range of Motion
Get Up Plank
Dog Up/Dog Down
Spidey Lunges

Barbell Skill (15 Minutes)
4X5 Back Squats – work to a heavy, but not maximal set of 5 – rest 2:00 between

Strength & Conditioning
Back Squat: 5 x 5 (Add between 1-2.5Kg to last 5 x 5)

Conditioning (12 Minutes)
50 Strict Pull Ups, for time
Every time you come off the bar complete 30 Double Unders/60 Single Unders

Bodyweight Skill (10 Minutes)
1) 6 x 20 seconds Hollow Hold, immediately roll to Arch Hold for 20 seconds, then roll back to Hollow. (No break)

A Different Approach to Mobility – James Hoffman