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Workout of the Day:
Strength Work – Squat

Row 500m x 3

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The Lads in The Essentials Cutting Their Teeth on Cindy

Preparing and eating quality food is the most caring thing we can do for ourselves and others. – Melissa Joulwan
Do You Know When to Stop – Josh Hillis

Remember this Saturday:
10am – Free Coaching Session and Fitness Assessment for non members. If you know of anyone who might be interested in this, please let them know about this and let us know so we can plan according to numbers.

11am – “Eve”. We’re giving Eve her send off workout this Saturday as well. Share the workout with her. If possible, please wear pink and/or leopard print.

1pm – Nutrition with Will. This is also open to members of the public. Once again, if you know anyone girl who is interested in dropping a dress size, toning up, or a guy looking to come up a little, please feel free to invite them along.