Last day to vote for the CFI Gym Awards (Legit & Funny). Some of the votes are really close, whereas others have a clear winner already. You could be the deciding factor so make sure you vote!

Today is also the last day to enter the CrossFit Total on Saturday (we need your opening attempts!) and to buy your tickets for Saturday’s Christmas Parrty (with two Rs)!

Workout of the Day:
Strength – Squat

5 Rounds for time:
5 Muscle Ups
30 Squats

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Hats off to Kieran, who made it to the 7am classes during the blizzard last week. That's a positive attitude to training right there.

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Why Muscle Building Should Be Your Top Priority, Whoever You Are – Sally Moss

I was at a party on Saturday night (Party with one R) and deliberately set out not to talk about CrossFit or the Institute to anyone. I didn’t want it to feel like I was selling this all the time. However, I ended up spending most of my time there explaining to people about CrossFit, the workouts, the coaching, and mainly the community. I couldn’t stop people from asking more questions.

I started to think about this on Sunday and realised that people like to hear about other people’s passion. So many people don’t have something they’re seriously passionate about in their lives and it inspires people when they hear someone talk about something they truly love and are committed to.

Now, maybe someone will try a CrossFit workout, or maybe they’ll even pick up the phone and try us out. Maybe they’ll just think we’re lucky to have found something we love. But, when you go and talk to someone about CrossFit and how it’s helped you, you can’t help but inspire them. And that’s something pretty cool.