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Roger getting straight back into it after his layoff

Not Missed… – Freddy Camancho
Meet me at the bar – Erika S

Stephen, known to many as “Special K” has trained with CFI for the past year or so. Now that his personal training business, StrengthCore, is taking off, he doesn’t have the time to make it down to us. But he wanted to write a piece on his time here:

I would like to thank Colm, Will and Tom for helping improve my training and knowledge of fitness.

CrossFit to me has been a big step in my career in the fitness industry. Over the last year I have seen CFI explode in to the centre it is today and all the great members who have helped it along the way.

Colm and Will have shown me different ways to look at training. The dedication alone that these guys give to making people healthier is second to none. Their passion for helping people of all levels to improve themselves is a testament to their character.

I have personally witnessed the motivation during a nightmare metcon (double-unders), and knowing that without them I probably would have quit.

One of my biggest achievements was early last year when I spent over an hour trying to get a muscle-up in my gym with no success. Went up to CFI later that day and explained to Colm that it was too hard to get. He asked me to show him my attempt at a muscle-up, gave me one cue, and I nailed it the next attempt.

Another time back in the Tallaght days, Will turned up without his keys. You would think that there would be no training, think again! Using Will’s truck we did sprint runs up and down the car park. That was one of the most memorable nights down in Tallaght.

Tom was the First person I spoke to over the phone and since then he has always been a friendly and welcoming person in CrossFit. I have never seen Tom come into CFI and complain that he is having a bad day. He is professional in all aspect of his job and a genuinely nice guy.

I would recommend CFI to anyone interested in getting real results, having fun and working hard.

I wish you guys all the best and hope to see you all at the September Invitational.
Speacial K
Stephen Kinsella