Turn Up.

Welcome to CrossFit Sandyford!

We’re going to be sending you a series of emails over the next few weeks to help you hit the ground running and get the most from your training. We’ve been helping people look and feel their best for nearly 10 years now, and we’ve distilled down a few of the key principles that make people successful. By the time you’ve read these mails, you’ll be better equipped than 99% of the training world to achieve anything you want to in fitness! So let’s get started -


First Things First – Turn Up


The number 1, most important thing you can do with any fitness programme is turn up consistently. It almost doesn’t matter how good or bad your programme is, how intense or otherwise your training sessions are…if you just keep showing up and doing gradually more over time, you will get results.


You should have received a separate email with the subject line “CrossFit Sandyford – Your Website Login Information”. It contains instructions on how to book your classes.

The first thing we suggest you do is take out your schedule, have a look at your week and decide which classes you’ll be coming to. Reserve your spot using the membership website, put them in your diary and treat them as an “Appointment With Yourself”.


What does that mean? Well, imagine you’d an appointment to meet your friend for dinner. You wouldn’t just cancel that on a whim or not go this week because there’s something cool on Netflix or you’re a bit tired after work, right?


We encourage you to adopt this same mentality with your own training. Treat your classes as an appointment you’ve made with YOURSELF to work on your health and fitness for an hour. This is important stuff – you’ll be better at almost everything else in your life when you are fitter, stronger and healthier. Your mood will improve, you’ll feel more productive and you’ll enjoy your leisure time much more!


These are three hours per week that you are investing in yourself in order to get more out of the remaining 165 hours.


Now, we get that sometimes life happens and missing a session or two is unavoidable, but this should be the exception rather than the rule. Crises happen, and being “too busy” is sometimes real…but sometimes it’s not. Oftentimes when someone doesn’t have time to train, what’s really going on is that they haven’t MADE time to train. You have to make yourself your priority and block out time in your schedule for yourself. If you don’t, something else is going to come along and fill it.


So take out your diary, find the days and times that work, make a promise to yourself to get your classes done, and don’t break it unless you’re going to get divorced and/or fired for it!

Make a deal with yourself that you’re going to go to your classes no matter how tired or sore or fed up you are that day. Come in, stretch, do the warmup and go home again if you need to, but keep the habit of turning up.


90% of your success comes from just doing SOMETHING. Just get in the door and lift the lightest weight in the gym if you need to. Make just turning up your criteria for success – and when you’re here and you’ve gotten started, you might even feel up to doing a little bit more…


Talk to you soon!

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