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Coming up to the Invitational, I notice that some people get extremely nervous about what will come up, and whether or not they’ll be good enough.

When I started BJJ I entered a competition after about 4 weeks. There was no expectations on myself to win, but somehow I managed to. Sweet! After that though, the expectation was on me to win everything, and they made competing terrifying experiences. Eventually, when I did lose, it was an awful feeling.

Now, when I compete at Olympic Lifting competitions, I have no expectations on myself to win the thing, as I’m not at the standard to take gold. Occasionally I’ve taken home a medal, but that’s a bonus. The fun of trying and all or nothing lift on the platform is what makes it enjoyable. With this mindset, I’ve even managed to hit PRs in competition.

Competition isn’t an evaluation of yourself as a person, it’s simply one event on one day. Either your skills and abilities are good enough on that day or they’re not. It’s a reflection of your skills, not you, at that point in time.

Interestingly enough, Matthew Syed talks about it in his book “Bounce: How Champions Are Made” that champions have the ability to play when the stakes are high as if the game doesn’t matter. Enjoy the process, don’t worry about the outcome, give it your all, and you’ll get more out of the day and perform better too.

Workouts of the Day:
Double Unders
Sit Ups
(10 Minute Cap. Compare to June 9th)

Front Squats, 70Kg
Handstand Push Ups
(15 Minute Cap)

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Big Shout Out to Jackie and Lauren who stopped in for some hungover CrossFitting while on holiday

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