Workout of the Day:
20 Minute Ladder:
1 L-Sit Pull Up
1 Clean & Jerk (70Kg/45Kg)
2 L-Sit Pull Ups
2 Clean & Jerks
3 L-Sit Pull Ups
3 Clean & Jerks…

Continue up the ladder as far as possible in 20 minutes. Post final lift to comments.
(Example – Tom – 10/12 Clean & Jerks; meaning Tom completed 11 full rounds, 12 of 12 L-Sit Pull Ups, then 10 of the the 12 Clean & Jerks). Compare to August 26th

The winners of the ladies division in i8 - Holly Deegan (1st), Martina Galgey (2nd) and Lorna Cummins (3rd)

Kids Demo at i8

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