Workout of the Day:
Back Squat

Run 1 mile.

Post loads and times to comments.

Previous Back Squats
November 21st (5RM)
October 17th (5RM)
September 23rd (3RM)

Compare 1-mile run with September 11th


1/ The answer is the German who lives in the Green House, smoking Prince cigars, drinking coffee, and who keeps FISH. The others are as follows:
1st House: Yellow, Norwegian, Water, Cats, Dunhill
2nd House: Blue, Dane, Tea, Horse, Blends
3rd House: Red, Brit, Milk, Birds, Pall Malls
4th House: Green, German, Coffee, FISH, Prince
5th House: White, Swede, Beer, Dogs, Bluemasters

2/They are 2 of a set of triplets.

3/I am looking at a photograph of my son

4/He was walking

5/Because as he is “living” in London he isn’t dead

6/You have 2, the ones you took away.

7/You can only run half way into the woods otherwise you’ll be running out of the woods

8/It is a grandfather, his son and his grandson

9/You got the number 18 because it doesn’t matter what number you start with at the beginning, this problem is more of an illusion as the “unknown” number has been calculated mathematically to reach 18.

11/He had hiccups

12/The poison was in the ice cubes and in the king’s case didn’t have time to melt fully into the drink

13/A candle and matches and the light filled the entire room

14/The woman was a photographer and she did a shot of her husband, developed it and hung it up to dry

15/The plan was to use the earth from tunnelling to climb up onto and out of the unbarred window

16/It was a submarine

17/None, it was Noah who took the animals on the Ark

18/The parrot was deaf

19/They could be 51 and 15, 42 and 24, or 60 and 06


21/The letter e

22/ the word is “NOWHERE”. When a space is placed between the ‘w’ and ‘h’, you get the words “NOW HERE”

23/ The common word is Startling – starting – staring – string – sting – sing – sin – in – I

24/Second because you overtook the person in 2nd place

25/Bet you thought it was 5000 didn’t you? Wrong. The answer is 4100; check it out on a calculator.

26/There are 6 F’s, most people forget to include the f in of

27/The answer is 70 not 25. If you divide 30 by a half you get 60 you aren’t dividing it by 2.

28/They would last an hour because you take one straight away

29/There are 9 left as all but 9 have died

30/The word is incorrectly because it is always pronounced incorrectly

31/ The snail reaches the top of the pit on the 16th day!.On the first day, the snail reaches a height of 5 meters and slides down 4 meters at night, and thus ends at a height of 1 meter. On the second day, he reaches 6 meters, but slides back to 2 meters. On the third day, he reaches 7 meters, but slides back to 3 meters. On the fifteenth day, he reaches 19 meters, but slides back to 15 meters.
On the sixteenth day, he reaches 20 meters, so now he is at the top of the pit!

32/They are standing back to back

33/The answer is simple, Nothing

34/None, the boat rises with the tide

35/You can’t dig half a hole, a hole is a hole no matter how small it is


37/A bed

38/It is the word longest

39/It would still take 10 minutes to boil a dozen eggs although if you want to be pedantic about it, maybe a couple more because the water would take slightly longer to reach boiling point

40/A strawberry has its seeds on the outside

41/Earth of course

42/The word is “short” add e and r to it and you have shorter

43/Of course they do, they have 4th of July in every country

44/A conversation

45/Just take off the letter s

46/A secret


48/Simple really. Turn one switch on for a couple of minutes then switch it off and turn another one on. Go into the room with the bulbs and you will be able to identify the one that is on, the one that was on because the bulb will still be warm and the one that is left.

49/Just throw the ball straight up into the air

50 /This one is misleading to start with as there is no missing pound. The actual amount paid out is £27, minus the £2 for the hotel assistant makes £25. It’s only because the numbers are so close to £30 that it is confusing.