High Bar Back Squat: 3X5 @ 75%, 3X3 @ 85% – rest 2:00 minutes.


For time:

Run 400m

5 rounds of:

5 Power Cleans 70Kg/45Kg
10 HR Push-ups
15 Air Squats

Run 400m

3 rounds of:

5 Power Cleans 70Kg/45Kg
10 HR Push-ups
15 Air Squats

Run 400m

*Strict 20 minute cap.


Success is the peace of mind attained only through self satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best of which you were capable.


For those who don’t know, CrossFit is a sport as well as a Strength & Conditioning protocol. The tagline of The CrossFit Games is “The Sport of Fitness“.

The sport has three stages annually: The Open (which we are primarily concerned with here); Regionals, and finally; The Games itself.

So why would you train your physical fitness like a sport in the first place anyway?

When you want to be the best at soccer (a game we’ve probably all played at some point in our life) we can’t just keep playing soccer. We need to do defensive drills, passing drills, shooting drills, etc. etc.

The very same principal applies to your physical fitness. If all you did was compete every day, and only took note of the weight lifted anyhow or who you finished ahead of you wouldn’t become the best you could be. Your technique would suffer, you’d burn out, you’d run the risk of injury (a MAJOR risk of going balls-out every day) and ultimately someone who was more patient and more willing to work on their specific weaknesses would wipe the floor with you.

Training your strength & conditioning, i.e. training CrossFit affords us the opportunity to approach our fitness in a more intelligent manner. This means we use each day to build on the last and ultimately be a far better athlete (read far fitter human) than we would if all we did was lash some weight on the bar and hoof it around.

Of course, training would become aimless if we didn’t compete or test ourselves periodically.

Competition, in it’s original form, means “to search together”. It says nothing about only competing if you can win or beating someone else, but to find out where we are. What we’re doing when we’re competing is we’re putting ourselves out there. When there’s something more at stake than just one workout, we can get an honest reflection of where we are. This is scary. It’s scary to think that maybe you’re not as strong/fast/fluid/powerful as you thought you were.

However, that’s where growth can come from. The bar has now been set.

If you set the bar high, you mightn’t reach it, but I guarantee you’ll raise your personal standards. If there’s no bar there’s nothing to strive for. And as cliche as it sounds, striving for a higher standard raises everyone’s ability. When the bar is set high, you can surpass your self imposed limitations and find yourself capable of much more than you give yourself credit for. Isn’t that worth the fear of competing or testing yourself?

Another great facet of competing (with the right attitude of course) is that it can inspire others and raise the level for everyone. Last year, a few of our ladies got their first pull ups and chest to bar pull ups in The Open. As we grow it becomes more commonplace for our ladies to be able to do full pull ups. And this inspires new ladies starting out to believe it’s possible. They mightn’t think it’s possible for them right now, but seeing it’s possible at all is the first step towards it being a possiblity for them, then the next step is to go from a possibility to a probability, and then an eventuality.

Few can win The CrossFit Games (especially as Froning continues his crazy dominance), but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth entering. There’s a lot of enjoyment is going past what you previously thought was 100% effort and leaving it all out there. As John Wooden says in the video above, “Thou did thy best!”

After competing, you’ll also find you’ve a renewed focus and vigor in your training, as your training has greater meaning going forward. Just ask James, Devon and Dominic after they came back from The London Throwdown.

If I’ve inspired you to take part in The Open, you can sign up here. The workouts for The Open will be the conditioning portion of each Friday’s workout throughout March, giving you the chance to compete as part of your regular scheduled classes.

In the end, you’re only competing with yourself anyway, and afterwards you can feel proud knowing you gave it your all and put it out there.