Dynamic Range of Motion
Kneeling Hip Flexor/Hamstring Stretch
Hollow/Arch on Bar
Cossack Stretch

Barbell Skill (15 Minutes)
15 mins to work to a max 3-position Snatch (high-hang, hang, then floor)

Strength & Conditioning
A) Romanian Deadlift 3 x 10, rest 45 seconds
B) Single Arm Press 3 x 8, rest 45 seconds

Conditioning (18 Minutes)
Run 800m
30 Strict Handstand Push Ups/Dips/Push Ups
Run 800m

Bodyweight Skill (10 Minutes)
Handstand Walks
Strict Toes to Bar

Strength & Conditioning
Strict Toes to Bar/Hanging Leg Raises
Perfect Wall Walks/Nose and Toes Handstand Hold

A Better Spinal Cue – Justin Lascek