Saturday, September 4th sees our Mobility Course return, new and improved! Saturday, September 11th we’ve an Olympic Lifting course on too. These are great for everyone to bring their performance to the next level, and vital for those Invitational bound in September.

Embarking on the paleo challenge was a big deal – Will pointed out from the getgo that this was not going to be an easy challenge! What has surprised me most is that I actually dont miss the vast majority of the foods on the ‘banned list’ – I have had no cravings for bread, pasta etc. The major difficulty has been adjusting to planning meals in advance, being organised and trying to learn to cook proper food! I have also really missed Coke, Lucozade, ‘sports drinks’ etc – I did not realise how addicted I was to sugar – quite worrying. The result so far have been worth it – down 10 pounds in 15 days and looking forward to the final weigh-in and the dreaded Fran. – Darren

Workout of the Day:
Strength – Squat

As Many Rounds as Possible in 20 Minutes of:
Run 400m
Max Pull Ups

Post pull ups completed to comments. Compare to April 17th

All Kinds of Pull Ups – Al Kavadlo
The 5 Best Dark Chocolate Paleo Bars in the World – Mark Sisson

That last link might be a bit cruel for those on the Paleo Challenge. Are you going to go back to regular eating after the challenge is over? Are you going to have a weekend gorge and then get back on the wagon? What’s your plan?