Event 1 – AMRAP FUN!
5 Wall Balls (20lbs/14lbs)
5 Hang Power Snatches (35Kg/20Kg)

Each member of the team will perform this 5 minute AMRAP, with their reps added together to find the teams total score.

Event 2 – Jerk/Row
Event 2 is broken into two parts. A 2RM (two rep max) Shoulder to Overhead followed by a team row.

2A – 2RM Jerk (3 minutes)
3 Minutes to establish at 2RM Shoulder to Overhead – entire team goes at once, everyone with his or her individual bars. Spotters/helpers are allowed to load the bar for them.

Bars will be taken from the racks and both lifts need to be completed for the weight to be counted. Shoulder to overhead can be accomplished by Split Jerk/Push Jerk/Push Press/Strict Press.

Total team weight counts.

-60 second break then-

2A – Team Row
Each team will have two rowers and can clock up as many metres as possible in 5 minutes. Metres from both rowers will be counted. An athlete can row a minimum of 100m and a maximum of 500m before swapping, and can instantly swap to the teams second rower if they chose. Each team member must row at least once.

Event 3 – ALL the movements!
Part One – 1 Team Member must hold a handstand against the wall before the team can complete 80 Deadlifts.

The team will be allowed 1 male bar (loaded to 100Kg) and 1 female bar (loaded to 65Kg). Only one athlete can lift at a time!
Once the deadlfits have been completed the team must complete 15 Handstand push ups before the team can continue. Only one handstand at a time!

Part Two – 1 Team Member must hold a hold on the rope while the other team mates complete 60 burpee over the box jumps conga line style.

One the 60 Burpee over the box jumps have been completed the team must complete 5 rope climbs before moving on. An athlete can only do one climb at a go, then must allow another team member to climb before being allowed to climb again.

Part Three – 1 Team Member must hold a ring support (bar support for ladies) while the other team mates complete 40 hang squat cleans (45Kg/30Kg). Only one team member can lift at a time. Athletes must use the same bars they had for the Deadlifts, and can swap them out at any time once the Deadlifts are completed.

Part Four – 150 foot shuttle run. Each member must complete 6 shuttle runs in sequence. At each cone, four points of contact must be made with the floor (two hands, two feet) PAST the line in order for the run to be counted.

Full details here!