Here’s some of our top tips to book classes. Every time you make a class it is a victory! It’s one small step closer to your goal, and all big goals are made up of small achievements. In order to build momentum we suggest

  • Making the classes a priority for you.
  • Schedule times you know you can make. E.g. If getting here for 6pm is tight with your commute, set yourself up for a 7pm.
  • Look at Friday evening/weekend/morning classes as a way to get your training in.
  • BUT, if you’ve never trained at 7am before, be realistic with yourself if you can make it. Does it mean getting up 2 hours earlier than you normally do?
  • Recognise that if you haven’t trained in 3 months/3 years, getting 1,2, or 3 classes done is a big improvement.

You have the time, make sure you invest it in yourself!