Workout of the Day:
Strength – Lift

Tabata Mash Up
Power Cleans, 70Kg
Ring Dips

Tabata is a training protocol where you work for 20 seconds, then rest for 10, completing a total of 8 intervals. In a Tabata Mash Up, you alternate between the two exercises, in this case the Power Cleans and the ring dips. In total there are 16 intervals, and the workout lasts for 8 minutes. Post total reps completed to comments.

Our Novices - Pure Untapped Awesomeness

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Lift Heavy and Look Good – Phil Wagner

16 Days until the September Invitational!

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For those of you taking part in the Invitational, Leonie Guy who prepared the BBQ for us has offered to cater for you. Leonie’s food is delicious and received rave reviews on the day from everyone lucky enough to get some. This is a long day and often people come unprepared regarding their food.

“Don’t be that guy” K*Starr

This is the menu Leonie has suggested:

Roast turkey, Salmon, Baked Ham, Lemon Chicken
Tomato olive and rocket salad
Broccoli fetta and cashew nut salad
Cucumber and Melon salad
(Pitta pockets)
Selection fresh fruits


She needs a minimum of 20 people to make this a runner so please attach your name in the comments if this is something you want. We will leave a envelope in reception for you to sign and stick the cash in for her.