Push Jerk

Tabata Mash Ups
Swings, 15kg

Post loads and scores to comments

Congratulations to Deirdre, who got her first full pull ups yesterday! Thanks to Scotty’s encouragement, Deirdre went from a very good swing to a kick out to a gritty pull to get her chin over the bar for her first pull up. Unfortunately, I didn’t see it, so she had to do another and busted it out to achieve a pre Christmas goal. After “Annie” she went and did 3 more. Now the real fun begins :) Congratz once more Deirdre!

So I guess it’s a good time for people to start evaluating 2008 as a fitness year, and start thinking of goals for 2009. I know that it’s cold and it’s December so it’s harder to make the gym, but taking stock of how far you’ve come along should help cheer you up, and setting your sights for 2009 might just make you do a couple of push ups instead of having another mince pie.