7X2 Hi-Hang Cleans (with hip) + 1 Push Jerk – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.


Alternating Tabata of:

Ring Dips
Ab-Mat Situps

Notes: This is 16 total alternating rounds of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds rest. For Ab-Mat Situps the movement begins with hands touching the floor overhead, and finishes when both hand touch the feet after coming to a upright seated position.

High Bar Back Squat: 1X5 @ 75%, 1X3 @ 80%, 3X3 @ 85% – rest 2:00

Notes: Percentage should be based off of your most recent 1RM Squat.

5 Rounds of:
8 Front Squats (50-70%)
Sled Run
Rest 2-3 minutes between efforts.

15 minutes to establish a 3RM (touch and go) Power Clean.


1a) 3X10 Seated DB Shoulder press – heaviest possible, rest 30 sec.
1b) 3X10 Strict Weighted Chest to Bar Pullups – heaviest possible, rest 30 sec.
1c) 3X20 BB Stepups 20? (front rack)– heavy, rest 30 sec.
1d) 3X10 Good Mornings – heavy, rest 30 sec.

Notes: Stepups are 20 total alternating steps. Use a challenging weight, but do not use so much that you allow the trail leg to touch the box before the stepping leg is fully extended.

Every 30 seconds for 7 minutes (14 total reps):

1 Hang Clean (full squat) + 1 Push Press @ 70%


4 rounds for total working time of:

25 Pushups (hand release)
25 KBS 24/16kg

Rest 1:1

1 and 1/4 Front Squat: 1X5 @ 65%, 2X5 @ 70%, 1X3 @ 75%, 1X3 @ 80% – rest as needed.



9-7-5 of:

Snatches 60Kg/40Kg

For time.