Day 1

A) Back Squat 1RM
B) 1RM Weighted Pullup
C) Max Deadhang Pullups

Conditioning Test 1:
150 Wallballs for Time
(10 min cap)

Day 2

A) Hang Power Clean 1RM
B) Push Press 1RM
C) 1RM Weighted Bar Dip
D) Max Ring Dips

Conditioning Test 2:
A) AMRAP Double-unders in 60sec
B) AMRAP Kipping Toes to Bar in 60 sec
C) AMRAP Burpees in 60sec

Rest as needed between each of these AMRAPs.

Day 3

A) Deadlfit 1RM

Conditioning Test 3:
Thrusters (45kg/30kg)
Kipping Pullups

(if you can do less than 5 kipping pullups, do the OPEX test instead)

Bonus Tests (if you do more than 3 sessions/week or finish early)

A) Front Squat 1RM

B) Thruster 1RM

C) Turkish Getup 1RM

Conditioning Test 4:
500m Row for time