Day 1

A) 1RM Snatch (15 min time limit – 1 miss allowed)

B) 1RM Clean and Jerk (15 min time limit – 1 miss allowed)

C) Max Deadhang Pullups

Note: These time limits are STRICT, and begin from the moment you put the empty bar over your head. We don’t care if you don’t hit PRs today, with the Open fast approaching we’re more interested in what you can work up to quickly, and you know you can hit under a little pressure.

Rest as needed between parts A and B.

Day 2

A) Back Squat 1RM – 20min Time Limit, no misses

B) Push Press 1RM – 10min Time Limit, no misses

Conditioning Test 2:
A) AMRAP Double-unders in 60sec
B) AMRAP Kipping Toes to Bar in 60 sec
C) AMRAP HSPU in 60sec
D) AMRAP Kipping Pullups in 30sec
E) AMRAP Ring Dips in 60 sec

Rest as needed between each of these AMRAPs.

Day 3

A) 1RM Overhead Squat – 10min Time Limit

B) 1RM Thruster – 10 min time limit

Conditioning Test 3:

Open “11.6″
7 min AMRAP:
3 Thrusters (45kg/30kg)
3 Chest to Bar Pullups
6 Thrusters
6 Chest-to-bars
9 Thrusters
9 Chest-to-bars

Record total reps completed.

Day 4

A) 1RM Turkish Getup

B) 1RM Front Squat

C) 8RM Bulgarian Split Squat

Note: If you do 4 days per week, combine days 4+5 together. If you do 5 days, take day 4 as a lighter day and do a pile of foam rolling and stretching with the remainder of the class.

Day 5

AMRAP 12mins
150 Wallballs
90 Double-Unders
30 Muscle-Ups

Record total reps completed.