15 Minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk

10 Minutes to establish a 3RM Front Squat


3 rounds:

10 Deadlifts 125/85Kg
50 Double-Unders

For time, 10 min cap.

Elaine on CFI:

At some stage during college, my dreams of being a dancer took a nosedive and the old hockey career wasn’t looking too hot either. I had no choice but to hang up my ballet pumps and wave goodbye to my gum shield with some sad jazz hands.

Instead I became an enthusiastic gym bunny: spinning, body pump, boxercise, you name it I was there knowing all the routines by heart! I thought I knew fitness, turns out I didn’t! There is something anonymous about regular gym classes that meant I slid through the cracks and after 2-3 years of “pumping” along to the latest tunes I hadn’t increased what I was lifting. There was no sense of a training plan.

Now, 8 months into CrossFit Ireland, everything has improved. I’ve learned Olympic lifts; I can squat more than my body weight and have a faster sprint time. I can even climb a rope, which I’m sure will come in handy if I ever fall down a well.

At CrossFit Ireland you get to enjoy the benefits of personal training from coaches who genuinely care about you and an amazing community of friends who will support and cheer you to the end of the toughest workout. Nothing beats the feeling of making actual, visible gains and these coaches will get you there.

Joining CFI hasn’t just meant improved fitness and strength; it has meant new friends, new personal goals and an incredible new sport.