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CrossFit Total

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

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My affiliate application letter…

Simply put I love Crossfit! I’ve always exercised but it was more supplementary than an end in itself. It was too easy to take a rest day; take it handy; skip the whole workout entirely. Now I workout for the intrinsic joy it brings to me.

The drive of knowing you’re been recorded helps me immensely, and rewards me in so many ways. I love the feeling of heading to the gym full of butterflies and doubts. What time will I get? What am I aiming for here? Will I have to scale/sub? By how much?

There’s the inevitable battle of wills. Part of me saying “take it easy today”, the other part saying “C’mon, break that PB”. I never know how I’ll perform. Sometimes I’m really surprised by how well I’ve lifted. Other times, disgusted! But that’s the beauty of it. After I’m finished (and I’ve picked myself up off the floor!) I can’t wait to get back to the gym the next time.

My first crossfit experience was on Monday, April 16th. It was Cindy and seemed fairly doable. My God did that hurt! I couldn’t finish the pull ups without doing jumpings/reverse, the push ups became a joke and I stalled on the squats because they were my “rest”. Instantly I was hooked. I knew I’d started something incredible.

I knew about Crossfit for a long time before ever trying it. It was always seemed impossibly intimidating, and this was from someone who considered themselves fit. Once I got into it I wanted to tell others about it, and that everyone can do Crossfit and it’s not just for the super elite. I finally understood why this was the future of fitness and I’ve been telling everyone about it who’ll listen.

Crossfit to me is as much about mental toughness as anything else. The no quit, one more rep, straight back into it, see how far you can go attitude has already spread into the other areas of my life. I no longer just show up and run through the motions. I find setting myself goals a lot easier, and my mental self talk is far more empowering and liberating.

About me:

I’m 25 years old, and live in South Dublin, Ireland. I coach a mixed martial arts club in my suburb and hold a blue belt in BJJ. I was the first to bring the “Play As the Way” method of coaching kids in MMA to Ireland, and have set up Sub Championships Ireland. Crossfit has already changed the way I coach and teach. I look to find out why something works or fails in a different light now, instead of just thinking: this works, and this doesn’t. We also mix up the class structure more now, and the response from my athletes has been amazingly positive.

I’ve a BSc in Sports Management from University College Dublin.

I think part of the reason Crossfit appeals so much to me is that I like to have a reason for why I’m doing something. I love the explanations in the certification videos posted. The concepts become blindingly obvious once they’re explained.

I’m completely committed to bringing the fitness revolution to Ireland. I’ve signed up to the Crossfit Journal and Crossfit Kids journal. I watch the WoD videos and post my times/loads/scores to comments for every day I follow it. I’m visiting Chris Kemp in Crossfit Northeast England later this summer and in December will be attending

I want to be affiliated because I want to be part of something special that truly helps people in a profound and lasting way, and Crossfit does that. If I was just to open a gym or personal training without giving credit to Crossfit, it would be akin to theft. It’s gotten to the point where I can no longer comprehend strolling into a gym just to lackadaisically performing 3 sets of 8-12 reps of whatever machine happens to be free. I’ve seen the light and I want to show others it too. I had a similar experience when I was introduced to MMA several years ago (I was doing traditional martial arts at the time). Shortly after that I was spreading the message of functional martial arts training as well.

If Affiliated, I’d start running Crossfit Kids & Teens as soon as school starts back in September. I’d start taking one on one clients as soon as they become available while continuing to search for a full time premise to host Crossfit in Ireland. I would love if a Crossfit methodology to training – particularly in young people where obesity is rising at a disgusting rate – was adopted on a large scale in Ireland.

I’m not sure if this is what you were looking for but hopefully I’ve gotten my enthusiasm for Crossfit across.

Thank you.