i8 is here!

Best of luck to all competitors!

Schedule of Events:

8.00 – Registration of Athletes
8.30 – Rules Meeting/Opening Ceremony/Warm Up
9.00 – First Workout begins
11.00 – Second Workout begins
1.00 – Lunch/Guest Workout
1.30 – CrossFit Kids Workout Demo
2.00 – Final Workout begins
4.00 – Award Ceremony
4.30 – Close

Killer Workouts – Eugene Allen
CrossFit Induced Rhabdo – Greg Glassman

Random facts about The Invitational

  • The Invitational grew out of a friendly rivalry between Tom and his friend. It went from one workout, to three, to a full day event ‘inviting’ the Irish fitness community to take part. The name “Invitational” was designed to be friendly and more… inviting!
  • The “i” tag was only introduced after February 2011, when it became confusing to refer to an Invitational as the month they were held in. “i6″, the first to be given the “i” tag, was only called “i6″ after the event.
  • The unofficial Invitational names have been “Genesis”, “Serious September”, “Sandyford”, “A Beautiful Day”, “The Shambles”, “The Battle of the Beyores” and “HTFU”
  • i8 has yet to be given a nickname.
  • Tony is the only person in CFI to have competed in all Invitationals to date. His highest rank was 4th, achieved in September 2011.
  • Will & Colm took part in the first Invitational, but their scores weren’t counted on the leaderboard.  Will also took part in the second but his score didn’t contribute to the leaderboard.
  • The “Round by Round” scoring system used in i7 and i8, as far as we know, is the only one used in CrossFit competitions.
  • By sheer coincidence, Overhead Squats have featured in every September Invitational to date.
  • Eimear Hannon filmed i5 – The Shambles, and produced a documentary on it and the history of CFI to that date entitled “Why Would You Stop?” (Trailer One/Trailer Two/Trailer Three)
  • To date, the Invitational title has been held by an American (i3 – David Schurter), an Englishman (i2 – Scott Jenkins), and Canadians twice (i6 – Meagan McGuinness, i7 – Tina Popp)