Workout of the Day (For Karl):
13 Calorie Row
13 Box Jumps (24″)
13 Sit Ups
13 Weighted Walking Lunges (10kg Dumbbell each arm)
13 Medicine Ball Cleans (must break parallel each clean)
13 Pull Ups
13 Dumbbell Swings (20Kg)
13 Knees to Elbows
13 Dumbbell Push Presses, 20Kg
13 Burpees
13 Thrusters (45Kg Bar)
13 Double Unders
13 Ring Dips

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Best of luck to Rob, who’s been CrossFitting hard to prepare for his MMA Match in Galway tonight.

CrossFit Ireland Book Club begins today. Make sure you bring along a book or three to add to our library.

Anyone up for bowling sometime soon?