One of the big things we try to do here is be remarkable, do things differently, things that people will talk about. Since we’re so reliant on word of mouth, we have to do things that are worth talking about!

I remember reading once something along the lines of how anything that is remarkable will eventually become ordinary and commonplace, nothing to shout about. Yesterday’s remarkable is today’s expected is tomorrow’s boring.

There’s some things we’ve done that we believe really make us stand out against all the other fitness facilities

The original thing that set us apart was that you’re actually getting coached here in how and why you’re exercising, rather than showing you a bunch of machines and leaving you to your own devices. This is the main reason people start with us, but after a very short space of time it becomes expected, and they mainly talk about the community we have.

To stay being remarkable we’ve to constantly listen to feedback from our members, act on it and go past what you expected. Really, the best way we can be remarkable is to make a massive positive to your day, week, and life. To that end everything we do, from postcards to courses to fun days to changing the class structure to the Invitationals, it’s all designed to deliver a better and better service to you. If we succeed in doing that, then positive word about us will spread.

Our latest innovation is our 100th Member Video Diaries. Thanks to our members, who plastered facebook with it, our site hits went up by about 200 unique visitors that day. As a result, the phone started ringing a bit more frequently and we got more intros scheduled as a result.

What has been our most remarkable thing we’ve done that has impressed you? What else could we do to be remarkable?

As always, thank you,

PS for other affiliates: Some Seth Godin blog posts on being remarkable