It’s a new year and lots of people are looking to make some remarkable changes in their lives. I use the word remarkable in this context: People remark on whatever it is that you have done. So for example:

  • “That guy can walk around on his hands”
  • “She looks amazing”
  • “You have lost so much weight”
  • “You can deadlift 230kg at a bodyweight of 82kg”
  • “Did you see how smooth through that bend he was on that bike” **

**That one is specifically for me.

Any of these are going to take a remarkable amount of work, sacrifice and effort for anyone. There is no debating it, if I want to achieve something remarkable I need to do some pretty remarkable things.

Is your goal remarkable? Are you prepared to do all the remarkable things required?

Biz: For other box owners reading this, the biggest place we see this having an impact is on the initial phonecall I recieve. I have to set and manage somebodies expectations from the very start. If they are looking to have a big impact on their life and physique, then I make it clear that we need to see a big investment from them. If they want to look like the cover of a magazine and are looking at your minimum investment, then you MUST have that frank and honest conversation with them.

This is the fair and decent thing to do. Anything less creates a problem for you downstream, these problems can be big or small but it will create a problem. Be honest. Do not sell them magic beans and make clients accountable for their results. It is not down to us, it is directly affected by the effort they put in.