Realistic Expectations

Whether your goal is to lose fat, get stronger or become a better CrossFitter, it would be ideal if you trained 5 times a week, had a nutritional approach that was 90%+ Paleo, and slept more than 8 hours every night. If you do that, you will look and feel like a completely different person in about 12 months.

If you make large-scale, dramatic changes to your lifestyle, you can reasonably expect large-scale, dramatic changes to your body.

Sadly, life is not ideal and some compromises may have to be made. Making the choices above might mean sacrificing more than you are willing to. Spending 5 hours per week training might mean you have to spend 5 hours less with your family, for example, and maybe you’ve already taken on so many other responsibilities that you only spend 4 hours per week with them as it stands.

That’s just fine, there are many, many things that are more important than lifting large weights or having nice abdominals.

It’s ok if you don’t take CrossFit on 100%, but you’re going to have to realise that if you don’t, you’re not going to get 100% of the results.

Maybe you only want to get a little bit fitter, lose one or two kilos and tone up a bit over the next 6 months. In that scenario, you will be absolutely fine with training 3 days a week, keeping a food journal and eating a little bit less junkfood.

However, if all you do is train 3 times a week and eat a little less junkfood, and your goal is to lose 4 stone, have an 8-pack and deadlift 250kg, you are just not going to make it.

Your behaviour needs to match your goals. If your behaviour does not match you goals, you can either change your behaviour, or change your goals.

If you can’t do 3 hours of CrossFit per week because you are too busy watching 9 hours of TV per week, you need to re-asess what your goal actually is.

So how to you figure out what your behaviour is? Write it down. Keep a training journal, keep a food journal. Review them every month and see how you are doing.

If you are eating and training in line with your goals, keep it up! If you are not, re-asses and change something.

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