There’s so much information out there concerning diet it can be seriously overwhelming. Our approach is to keep things simple. We find that simple strategies, repeated consistently, work way better than wasting time worrying about the minutia.

Proteins are essentially animal products – meat, fish, chicken, eggs – or vegetarian/vegan sources like pea and hemp. They assist with our recovery from workouts and are the building blocks of muscle. Because our body is constantly breaking down and rebuilding, we need a fresh supply. We recommend two palm sized portions for men, and one palm sized portion for ladies, each meal.

Carbohydrates are essentially sugar, regardless of it’s source. They can be in fruit, vegetables, pasta, potato, rice, etc. Carbohydrate fuel our activity. How much you need depends on how active you are. A farmer would require more than a desk worker, as they’re doing more physical activity. For most of us, and if fat loss is your goal, 2 handfuls of veg per meal is ideal.

Fats come from animal fats, butter, avocado, and nuts, amongst other sources. Fats help our immune system, they’re critical in the transport of vitamins and are necessary for our brain and central nervous system. One thumb sized portion of healthy fat per meal is recommended.

Before you concern yourself with exact quantities and macro-nutrient split, work to bring your meals in line with guidelines above and you’ll see amazing progress. Start with the easiest meal to change, and remember each change you make is a step in the right direction. It doesn’t have to be perfect from the start!


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