No Afternoon Classes This Week

Workout of the Day:
Run 800m x 3

Rest as necessary between efforts.

Max Pull Ups x 3

Post times and scores to comments.

CrossFit Ireland - The Friendly Gym?

CrossFit Ireland - The Friendly Gym?

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Amy’s Zone Challenge Diary (A Cautionary Tale)
So I asked Amy to keep a diary of how she felt while on the zone. Here’s a play by play of the first week…

Day 1:

Woke up feeling good, looking forward to trying out my brand new shiny scales (very important that it’s shiny!) and keeping track of thing in my pretty little food diary. 11 blocks it is: 3, 3, 1, 3, 1.

Pancakes. Good.
Strawberries. Good.
I can totally handle this.

Went out to Ikea with Jen this morning, had packed my little snack and ate it out there. She laughed at me, as was to be expected, I explained the theory behind it, and she thought it rather smart.

Home for dinner – chicken, carrots, kidney beans, cashews, a little OJ – 3 block meal. Couldn’t do it. I know I put away a lot of food for a small girl, and I tried, but that much veg… We all should have known it wasn’t gonna happen.

Had to go to a removal this evening, picked Sue up on the way across town, and she held my Tupperware container as I picked through the carrots and simultaneously picked off the drivers who got in my way.

I was doing really well until I got to the pub after the church. Whipped out my other Tupperware to reveal an egg, orange and nuts. What’s the dealio with Amy and the not eating?? The whispers echoed around the pub… I know no shame – I’m just gonna have to get used to it.

I broke – chicken and cheese quarter sambo. There was a little bread, a lot of cheese and chicken, and a little butter. It could have been Zone. I did manage however, to resist the lure of the thick cut, juicy, ever so slightly greasy, pub chips.

Home, bed, Day 1 complete. Think I’ll try for 10 blocks tomorrow.

Day 2:

10 blocks today: 2, 2, 2, 2, 2.

Pancakes again. (The less I have to think in the morning, the easier it is. Pancakes are going to be consistent in this.)
Yummy :)

Funeral, home, more pancakes (still yum), work, salmon, carrots, satsuma, cashews. Got a little cranky at traffic on the way home, but that’s standard operating procedure for me really.

Bowling. I lost 2 of 3 games. Kicked ass on the last one though. So we know that Zoning doesn’t give you magical bowling powers…

Day 3:

Up early, pancakes for breakfast, with strawberries still, and yes, they’re still delish. Meeting at 11, doing okay so far.

Popped home to have lunch with my sisters. Had my Zone snack. They laughed a little more but they know full well I take to slightly mad projects, and just accept this as another one. All was going fine until Sue pulled out the ice cream.

I have never in my life turned down free ice cream… til now. :(

This ain’t gonna be easy.

I keep having to remind myself that it’s not so bad, I’m not gone Paleo (which is just crazy really!), and that I’ll get through it, it’s only 100 days. Oh dear sweet Jesus – only 97 days to go. And a bit.

Home at 3 and starving. So much so that it hurt to eat.

I knew there was a reason I had a moral objection to ‘diets’. Eating what I want, when I want, has always done me just fine. I couldn’t do it – just looking at the salmon and veggies made my stomach turn. Went up to the gym for some deadlifting instead in the hopes that it would give me an appetite.

When I got home, I put on the chicken and pineapple dinner I’d planned, yummy, and Marianne arrived with her amazing Zone baseless cheesecake. More like a cheesemousse – this probably doesn’t sound quite appetising, but talk to anyone who’s tried it and they’ll tell you it’s lovely. THANK GOD! Bless that girl – I now have some hope of surviving it!!

Day 4:

Breakfast yummy.

Meeting at 12, staff lunch (bought for us) at 1, I kept it a Zone as I could manage though. No bun on burger, 5 chips, cheese, little oil, and for the second day in a row I said no to free ice cream! It wasn’t so hard this time though, knowing now that I had Marianne’s Zone frozen yogurt to look forward to. (Thanks again M!)

Had my pancake snack but no dinner. Felt grand for it. (It’s 2 blocks either way!) Then brought cheesecake to cinema with me and borrowed a plastic spoon from Misters Ben and Jerry. Yummy!!

Didn’t eat when I got home but woke up in the middle of the night with a craving for cashew nuts…. Not sure what that means.

Day 5:

Woke up late and fell off the wagon. Spar’s finest – two little sausage rolls and orange juice for breakfast. Did Fight Gone Better though and loved it! It didn’t feel any better or worse than before, but increased my score from 153 last time on 20″ box to 177 on 24″ box, so happy out! :)

Got home, cleaned up and popped down to Mam’s where I’d a load of cheese, boiled egg (including the white bit – big step for me!) and a few nuts and cherry tomatoes.

Then headed to Dun Laoghaire with the Clan for a stroll, followed by Teddy’s ice cream.

It was at this point I finally broke.

I’m afraid I just enjoy food too much to want to weigh and measure every little thing I eat, and there’s no way I’m going to spend a day with my family in Dun Laoghaire without indulging in a Teddy’s. (After which we headed home and stopped by the chippers – again, no way I’m going to miss out on enjoying this with the gang.)

So I’ve decided, after only 5 measly days, I know, that the Zone is not for me, at least not full time.

I have, however, become more aware of what I’m eating – I have a bag of nuts added to the list of essential items to keep in my handbag, and I’m going to try to eat more protein, fewer carbs, and just be aware of the fats I’m taking in, particularly those I’m cooking my food in, and try to get a balance within my meals, but without it taking over, or feeling guilty every time I consider a bar of chocolate or a cream cake. I’m not going to splurge either, but I much prefer the idea of a balanced, happy, lifestyle, than one where food takes over my thinking!

Day 6:

Up late, cereal for breakfast. Definitely going to keep up the Zone pancakes and fruit for breakfast. If I’ve learned anything from this it’s that I do need some kind of protein in the A.M.

Lunch in Mam’s of spuds, veg and chicken. I ate most of the veg, lots of chicken, only half a little potato and a few nuts from the stash in my handbag.

Meringue for dessert. Delish! :)