20 minutes to establish a 1RM Jerk.

Notes: Any style, racks may be used.



21-15-9 of:

Deadlifts 100Kg/70Kg

For time.

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Mark’s One Year of CrossFit:

To Colm, Will, James and Tom,

Tomorrow will mark one year since I joined Crossfit Ireland and I want to express my gratitude to you all for everything you have helped me achieve in the last year. Having trained Crossfit by myself for a couple of months I thought I knew what Crossfit was and correct technique. This was until my first class at CFI when Will told me to push my knees out in a squat. At the time this made no sense to me but looking back it seems crazy that I would have thought any differently. I guess this is the greatest thing you have done for me. You have thought me the reasons why we do what we do every day and not just the how. You have educated me in my own health and fitness to the point that I feel confident in my ability to eat and train right (please discount the occasional round-backing. I’m working on it). This means that all I have achieved in the last year is not only sustainable but enables me to pass on small bits of knowledge to my family and friends that may help improve their lives. The moniker “School of Fitness” is very accurate.

In the last year I have lifted more weight than I thought possible and done more grunt work than ever before while getting my ass kicked more times than I care to remember. But I come back every day. You have created an environment where I can constantly challenge myself knowing I have expert coaching to help me achieve my goals. I have met so many amazing people through Crossfit Ireland. You have created an environment for people to achieve their goals, whatever they may be, and I wish you all even more success in the future.

Tom wanted to know how my 1RM PR’s have improved since joining so here’s my list (these will have to be amended next week as I plan on PR’ing the shit on every lift). I want to stress that while some numbers might not have increased dramatically my technique on everything is 10 times better than before I joined which is the most important thing to me.

Squat: Prior- 130kg (with knees forward), Now- 140kg (with knees out) (predict 150kg next week)
Deadlift: Prior- 160kg, Now- 160kg for 3 (predict 1RM of 180kg next week)
Clean & Jerk: Prior- 95kg, Now- 105kg
Jerk: Prior- 95kg, Now- 110kg
Snatch: Prior-Non-existent, Now- 80kg
Strict Overhead Press: Prior-60kg, Now-70kg
ME Muscle-ups: Prior-3, Now- 9
ME HSPU: Prior-Non-Existent, Now- 10
Fran: Prior-9:35 @ 40kg, Now- 4:41 Rx

There is so much more in terms of improvement in my running, rowing, being able to handstand walk (even if its only a few steps), pull-ups, etc. etc. it’s difficult to quantify.

I guess it is fitting that I will celebrate 1 year at CFI I by competing tomorrow in the Waterford Throwdown alongside Colm in a sport that I love.

I look forward to seeing how Crossfit Ireland continues to grow and am excited to see how much I improve over the coming years. With the standard of coaching and professionalism you all apply to your work I have no doubts about my own success and that of Crossfit Ireland.

Thank you for everything,

Mark “Lawlor 2” Lawlor