Dynamic Range of Motion
Get Up Planks
Spidey Lunges

Bodyweight Skill (10 Minutes)
Strict Handstand Push Ups*
Strict Gymnastic Kipped Chest to Bar Pull Ups**

*If you’re working towards your first strict handstand push up, perform the strength/skill portion of the Handstand Push Up, then strict pull ups. For example, alternate between ring dips/headstands/strict pull ups for 3-5 rounds.

**If you don’t have 5-8 strict pull ups continue working on your strict pull up endurance. For the “kipped” pull ups to count, knees and feet must stay together throughout the entire movement, and legs stay straight. You are using the Hollow/Arch positions to generate momentum. DO NOT sacrifice positioning for a substandard rep!

Barbell Skill (18 Minutes)

5X2 @ 80% (of 2rm) Pause Snatches (3 count pause at the knee)

Strength & Conditioning
Back Squat: 5 x 5 (Add between 1-2.5Kg to last 5 x 5)

Conditioning (12 Minutes)
5-10 Wall Balls
30-50 Double Unders/Single Unders