Workout of the Day:
Strength Work


As Many Rounds As Possible in 12 Minutes of:
3 Ring Dips
6 Kettlebell Swings
9 Air Squats

Post lifts, loads and scores to comments.

Time to commit to Zovember! You can either commit to Zone, Paleo, or Primal.

  • For Zone, you can either chose to weigh and measure or eyeball. If it’s your first time zoning, weigh and measure for the first two weeks at least. If you’ve zoned before, you should have an idea as to what constitutes a block, so eyeballing might be an option. The advantage of Zone is that technically, no food is off limits so long as you balance out your blocks.
  • For Paleo, cut out all wheat, bread, rice, sugars, and dairy. If you couldn’t pull it out of the ground, cut it down from a tree, or catch it with a stick, it’s not Paleo. Paleo doesn’t require you to balance out your carbs/proteins/fats but we’d prefer if you could get protein in at every meal, and aim to increase your veg intake above what’s ‘normal’ for you.
  • For Primal, I’ll allow dairy, but you’ve still got to cut out anything processed or filled full of sugar.
  • Since you’re going to ask, if you sort out your diet, yes you can drink at the weekend. Drinking at the weekend does not entitle you to a kebab on the way home, or a breakfast sambo the next morning!

If you’ve any other rules you want to add on yourself, post them in comments. All we’re asking for is a four week commitment to a different diet. In the grand scale of things, it’s not that hard.