7X1 Power Clean + Push Jerk – work up to a heavy single, rest 60 sec.


21-15-9 of:

Overhead Squats 50Kg/35Kg
Toes to Bar

For time.

Your Stress Account – Patrick Ward

It’s Your Fault – Will

There’s a funny little full-circle that people go through with regards to learning good technique. You have a guy on day 1 who’s knees collapse in when he squats, and he learns “ok, I need to push my knees out when I squat”. After he’s been training a while you often see people blundering around in this phase of “oh, my glutes and external rotators are weak, so I need to do a lot of activation drills and specific strengthening exercises to work on this and fix the problem”. Finally, we get back to “you know what, the most specific strengthening exercise I can do here is pushing my knees out every time I squat”.

The cure for bad technique is good technique. The more you practice lifting with good technique, the stronger all the muscles responsible for maintaining good positions will become.

If you have a sticking point in a lift, you need to find ways to practise the lift without the problem happening. That could mean taking some weight off the bar and doing more volume, that could mean practising one little piece over and over again by itself, or it could just mean being more patient.

The second you become the person who thinks “my knees collapse in when I squat heavier than 100kg”, you’ve made it true. Your knees don’t just magically collapse, you LET them collapse by not pushing them out hard enough when you stand.

That’s a very important attitude shift – “my knees collapse” means it’s not your fault and there’s nothing you can do about it. “I let my knees collapse” means you fucked up the lift by looking for the path of least resistance and if you’d put more effort in to doing it right you would have got it.

Now, this is not a comfortable place to be, it is however, the best way to make progress. Adopting the attitude that your fitness problems are 100% your fault is the only way you can fix them.

“I dont have time to exercise” is insolvable. “I dont MAKE time to exercise” is something you can fix.

“I got caught out and had to eat in McDonalds” is insolvable. “I didn’t plan my day properly, and I wasn’t clever enough to order a salad and some hamburgers with no bun” is fixable.

“I was too tired to train” sounds like a big problem. “I’m tired all the time because I don’t train enough” can be fixed.

You’re a grown-up, and you can sort your own stuff out, but only if you believe that it’s something can fix.