Workout of the Day:
5 Rounds of:
5 Power Clean & Jerks (70Kg/45Kg)
10 Pull Ups (Chest to Bar)

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Workout from CrossFit New England

How to Lose Fat – Will

Guys, it’s time to discuss an uncomfortable truth: Fat loss is about diet. If you are not losing fat, your diet is wrong.

You already know this, but for various reasons you’re not quite admitting it to yourself.

Yes, I know that when you were 19 you could lose fat by just cutting back on beer a little on weeknights and going for a run or two, and I don’t care. You’re not 19 anymore.

Let’s say it again: If you are not losing fat, your diet is wrong.

We should probably stop at this point and address the person in the audience who is thinking “oh, but my diet is fine. I’m a special case, I think my problem is really something else” (yes, we can hear you. Stop thinking so loudly). Do you have a food journal? Is it 100% complete and accurate? Can you look over the last 30 days and see anything that might be causing a problem?

If you do not have a food journal, I guarantee you have almost no idea what you are actually eating. What did you have for lunch on January 5th? Did you get enough protein with breakfast on December 29th? This is the sort of information we need to know if we want figure out why you haven’t lost any fat this month.

Exercise can certainly help with fat loss, but if your diet is sufficiently bad you are on a hiding to nowhere.

The One Minute Manager has an excellent insight into this: “Look at your goals. Look at your behaviour. Does your behaviour match your goals?”

If your behvaviour is consistent with your goals you will eventually achieve them. No questions about it. If your behaviour is not consistent you’ve got 2 options: either re-evaluate you behaviour, or re-evaluate your goals.

If the goal is fat loss, your behavior is everything you’ve eaten in the last month. Does it match? Let’s find out: buy a notebook, write down everything you eat and drink, then come talk to me in 30 days. We can discuss any tweaking we might need to do, but I’m guessing the only thing you’re going to want to say to me at that point is “thank you”.