Workout of the Day:

Box Jumps (32″/24″)
Dumbbell Ground to Overhead (20Kg/12.5Kg)

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Cycle time doesn’t matter – Colm

Seriously. How quickly you do that one squat/power clean/deadlift/pull up doesn’t matter. I know you want to do your best in the metcon, but it’s not won in cycle time unless the workout is very quick and completely unbroken. 21-15-9 Burpees/Box Jumps where you don’t stop to breathe is an example where it would matter. 21-15-9 Squat Cleans/Ring Dips is a metcon where you’re going to take breaks.

So what does matter? Rest time. Whenever you put down that bar to take “just a quick breath” it’s probably 10-15 seconds before you pick the bar up again. Do that a few times throughout the workout and there’s two minutes added to your metcon time. How often you rest is going to come down to the efficiency in your technique. If you don’t bother to set up before you pull that power clean, you’re going to catch it forward, and waste energy that a more efficient set up and pull wouldn’t have cost you. You’re not making up time by ignoring the set up, you’re just prematurely fatiguing yourself and it’s going to catch up with you within the workout. First step is always get the movement done right.

After you’re efficient in your movements, then we need to think about how quickly we can get back into the game when we drop the bar for a rest. Waiting until you feel better is a bad idea. You’ll waste time. A set number of seconds on the clock or a set number of breathes and get back to it. Set up correctly, and go!

Stringing reps together is going to make up time as well. As a quick experiment one day, I did 5 drop and go Power Cleans while Tom timed it – 14 seconds. A minute later I did 5 unbroken – 9 seconds. Holding onto that bar for an extra rep every set is going to help. What gets you to that level where you can touch and go all your reps? Excellent in technique! Just can’t escape that can we?