15 minutes work on 3-Position Snatch (high to low). Intro / Coaching Cues / Learning Progression


For time:

50 Walking Lunges (steps)
20 OHS 45Kg/30Kg
20 T2B
50 Walking Lunges (steps)
15 OHS 45Kg/30Kg
15 T2B
50 Walking Lunges (steps)
10 OHS 45Kg/30Kg
10 T2B

Snatch First Pull – Coaching Cues from CrossFit Ireland on Vimeo.

How To Eat – Will

Here are our general guidelines for everyone’s diet:

1) Eat Breakfast
2) Eat at least 3 more meals a day
3) Every meal, eat:
-about a fist-sized serving of protein
-about twice that amount of vegetables
-some fats

This is pitched at our average CF Ireland member – someone who trains here around 3 times per week, doesn’t play any other sports and is primarily interested in losing some fat, toning up a little and being generally healthier. You guys don’t need to deviate from these guidelines – you’re all set.

Now, folks who are generally happy with their body composition (i.e. don’t have much fat to lose, don’t need to gain much muscle mass) and are interested in pushing the fitness boat out a little more are going to need to tweak this slightly.

You guys are probably training more like 4-5 times a week (or at least you should be), and as such are going to need to take in a little more carbohydrate in order to recover adequelty between sessions. Y’all need to do everything from the first list, and add in:

4) With 2-3 of these meals, eat some sweet potato, butternut squash, parsnip, yam or other root vegetables. Get additonal calories from olive oil and coconut oil if recovery is still poor.

Finally, we’ve got folks who need to gain muscle mass. You guys have the most work to do, you’re going to need to do all of the first 4 things, and also

5) Continue drinking more milk each day until you see the numbers on the scales moving upwards.

So, if your goals sound like “lose weight, tone up, be healthy” , do 1,2 and 3.

If you’re pushing the frequency and intensity of your training a bit more, do 1,2,3 and 4.

If you’re training to gain muscle mass, do 1,2,3,4 and 5. People who are really struggling to recover between sessions could also lump themselves into this category.

And now the tricky part: decide which one you are doing and stick with it until it’s done.