CrossFit exposes your weaknesses. Sometimes they’re the more ‘obvious’ physical characteristics of lack of speed, lack of strength, lack of endurance. Other times they’re a lack of mental focus to get under that heavy clean or perseverance to keep going in a 5K row. What we often tend to forget is how CrossFit will expose and punish your weaknesses in your physical make up, your flexibility and mobility. If you’re busting your gut on the gym floor but won’t invest the time in learning how to open up those nasty tight hips or stubborn shoulders, you’re like a Ferrari with the handbrake on. Imagine how much faster, stronger, fitter, leaner and healthier you’d be if you attacked these issues with the determination you attack a 21-15-9? If you haven’t taken part in our mobility workshop yet, you should really consider it.

Workout of the Day:
Strength – Squat

50 Burpee Pull Ups, for time

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