Workout of the Day:
Deadlifts (100Kg/70Kg)
HandStand Push Ups

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Finding Time – Colm

Whenever I speak to you on the phone to check in and see how you’re progressing here at CFI the major complaint I hear is that you find it hard to get down to training. Life is tough, and there’s always something that comes up and gets in the way of your plans, but it really is important to make time for yourself, to take care of your body and de-stress. Sometimes you’ve got to be selfish and put yourself first, if even for 2-3 hours a week to get down to CrossFit Ireland.

One very effective solution is to make your class times here a regular appointment in your diary. Say to yourself, “Monday at 6.30 and Wednesday at 5.30 are my times for training.” They’re in the book and they don’t get moved for anything short of a serious disaster. Empty space in your diary will always get filled with urgent (but not necessarily important) tasks much the same way shelves and cupboards in the house never stay empty. Book the time and make the appointment.

Taking this time to look after yourself is going to pay massive dividends not only for you, but for everyone else who depends on you.