Gymnastics Warm Up
Strict Muscle Ups (rest 30-90 seconds)
5 x 3 Banded/Rowing/Kneeling Muscle Ups, rest 90 seconds


15 minutes to establish a 3RM Hang Snatch (bottom of knee – three consecutive reps).


30-20-10 of:

Wall Balls 20/14 lbs
Kettlebell Snatches (15l/15r – anyhow) 24/16Kg

For time

Why Aren’t You Doing What Makes You Happy? – Eric Barker

How To Stop Reading and Start *Doing* – Eric Barker

Competing – Will

Lots of people want to compete when they start CrossFit.

They want to compete with their friend who started around the same time, they want to beat their old personal best, they want to win today’s metcon, they want to lift heavier than the guy they’re sharing the rack with…and they very frequently lose sight of what they’ve originally set out to do in the process.

Guys, none of you joined CrossFit so that you could have a slightly faster “Helen” time than the other people in Saturday’s 10am class. That was not your goal, and deep down, it still isn’t. It’s something you’ve become distracted by along the way.

Your training sessions are supposed to be bringing you gradually, and incrementally closer to achieving your fitness goals. They are not the goal in and of themselves.

Why put that extra 5kg on your squat if you have to tip forward so much to stand up with it? It’s not helping your leg strength. Why go for that extra rep on the power snatch if you have to split your feet a metre apart to catch it? It’s doing very little to help you develop powerful hip extension.

These are all symptoms of a trainee who has forgotten what they are doing. Folks, you are here to get stronger, not to lift more weight. Think about that for a second, because they are definitely not the same thing.

Any individual training session, good or bad, is inconsequential. If you train 3 times a week, you will do aprox 156 training sessions this year. 1 of them does not matter. The net effect of doing just a tiny bit better in each one of them is what causes you to imrpove.

By all means compete, but compete at the right stuff. See who can move with the most grace and virtuosity while lifting barbells. Compete at being more consistent with your training frequency. Compete at having all your meals for the week prepped ahead of schedule. Compete with yourself to get 9 hours sleep every night of the week. Get some mobility PRs and deal with that sore shoulder you’ve been ignoring for 2 months. Focus your attention on the things that actually produce results.

Don’t get caught up in the unimportant battles. No one cares if your ugly, round-backed, hitched deadlift is slightly better than your friend’s ugly, round-back hitched deadlift.