Workout of the Day:
Run 800m
30 Clean & Jerks (60Kg/40Kg)
Run 800m

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Are You a Haggler? – Will

When you hear us say “You need to stretch your hips 3 times a day if you want a better overhead squat” do you think “I could probably just do this a few times a week”.

Or when you hear “You need to follow the Paleo diet 100% of the time to see real benefits from it” do you think “This’ll probably still work even if I have a couple of sandwiches and get really drunk a few times a week”.

Believe it or not, we’re not car salesmen, and the advice we give you guys does not have wiggle room built in to it. You can’t haggle your way to better fitness and health. If you’re trying to do that, don’t be surprised if it isn’t working.