Workout of the Day:
Work on Any one weakness you have


7 Rounds for time of
5 Push Jerks, 50Kg
10 Burpee Pull Ups

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Martha is Tony’s other daughter, who also had her birthday over the weekend.

Start 'em Young - Martha working on her Farmer's Walks

Start Em Young - Martha working on her farmers walks

Hitting Your Weaknesses, for Real this Time – Dutch Lowy
Re Inspire – CrossFit West Santa Cruz

Six Months of CrosssFit – by Tony

Today marked an anniversary, well an anniversary for me anyway. Today marked six months of Crossfit, believe it or not its six months since I first walked in the door of CFI on a damp Saturday in Feb and was put through the deadlift/box jump WOD by Will. I went home that day a little sore but satisfied with myself. I woke up the next morning with fluid on both my knees from crashing the bar into them during the WOD. Despite the really bad dead lift form I really enjoyed that first day. I was hooked from that point and was eager for more. After a few weeks of training three days a week fortune shined upon me and the lunch time classes started. This gave me the ability to train 5 or 6 times a week.

My earliest memories of going to CFI include watching Pixie, Bobby and Tom doing kipping pull ups and thinking I’ll never be able to do that, Watching Colm do Muscle ups and thinking I’ll never be able to do that.

Over the six months I’ve collected lots of great memories and funny moments throughout the workouts. I’ve come a long way in six months but I’m still well short of were I want to be. I’ve developed an understanding of how to feed myself and were my weaknesses lay. I want to thank everyone at CFI especially Colm, Will, Ruairi and Tom for the last six months and for the confidence they’ve shown in my ability, confidence that I didn’t recognise myself. I also want to thank all the members of CFI for the last six months, I’m not going to name you all suffice to say most of you are members of this training forum. A special mention to my sparring partner Bobby, the abuse is a strong motivating force.
Stephen and I seem to train at the same time most days and again he is a great to train with especially during the lifting WODs. If the next six months are only half as good as the last six months I’ll still be a happy man.