This is something that has come up regularly over the last few weeks here in CFI. We encourage a healthy lifestyle approach through fitness and nutrition, and are building a business that promotes that from the inside out. We are improving all aspects of our lives, not merely fitness and nutrition. I am working towards becoming healthy and fit but there are a number of other elements that need to be addresses. Here is number 1:

Frantically checking emails 35 times a day and endlessly routing around the internet “working” is something we are working towards removing entirely. The first change came when I decided in an effort to improve productivity I would check email twice per day, at 10am and 3pm only. This was difficult, and I was convinced that I would miss some really important email I needed immediately, this of course has not happened.

I also limited the amount of time I had to reply to these emails to 15 minutes. This has had a positive affect on our business, it has almost helped slow down the busy fool approach. Much like in a metcon, things take as long as you allow them to. We have a number of new ideas that we will be putting in place to make CrossFit Ireland a fun and efficent workplace.

Have you any changes that you have implemented recently that have had a positive affect on the quality of your life??