In CrossFit we do the impossible, or rather we tart to accomplish things together that we probably wouldn’t even dream of if left on our own.

I suppose the purpose of this post is really just to take stock of how far we’ve come in a year. Because we very nearly didn’t even start CrossFit Ireland. One year ago we didn’t have the belief that we could generate the monthly revenue we thought we needed to stay open. Looking at the numbers it was just too risky for very little payoff. And I remember a dark night back in December, covered in paint and snot, after we’d signed the lease and taken the plunge, where we debated what we thought we could charge, or to put it in a better way, what we thought we were worth.

Looking back on it now, it was lunacy not demand a fair price for what we offering. But really, it was all down to a lack of confidence.

It was probably February before we actually knew the figure necessary to sustain the business. It’s all the little things, and the extras like VAT/PRSI that really drive the numbers up.

It’s taken us quite a while to reach the target to keep CFI open, and we even fell short and didn’t take a wage in June. But now that we’ve reached it, in order to keep growing, keep fresh and keep making CFI better for everyone involved we need to set higher, farther reaching targets for ourselves. As coaches we demand higher and higher movements standards of our athletes, as evident in May when 70Kg became the new 60Kg. So we should demand the same for ourselves.

A massive difference now though is a year ago even thinking about the figures necessary to bring us to the level we know it can get to would have sent me into a paralytic fear, now the challenge is exciting.

While the higher bar is scary, it stops complacency. And a higher bar makes everyone better and aim further. There’s no point in aiming low. If you think a goal is easily achievable then maybe you should find a tougher challenge. This isn’t to say that we’ve made it, and that we can relax now. Far from it. In fact the best thing we can do now is light a fire under ourselves to push ourselves further than we think is currently possible.

Here’s two good links to finish. The first is from the Movie Coach Carter, “Our Deepest Fear“. The second is from Simon Sinek on predictions. Ready. Aim. Miss!

As always, thank you,