I read or listen to books all the time, mostly related to business or around that area. I got a excellent quote from a book that suggested if you cannot walk away from a business that you own and it will still operate then you are in the unfortunate position of now owning a job. One of the many goals I have for CrossFit as a business is that all the members of the team complement one another and we can all help each other out without having one person carrying all the weight.

You can imagine my delight then at being away for 10 days, an eternity, and not getting one phone call from Colm and Will. This was huge, the guys just got on with it and if a issue came up that would normally require my attention they sorted it out and got it done. When I came back we had a quick informal meeting about what had gone on and back to work, this is huge to me and very important in the long-term plan we have for what we do here.

What does your business or career look like when you come back from being sick or on holidays??