So I can’t sleep. Resulting from the mix of not planning my food for the week, too much caffeine and just the pure adrenaline of the upcoming September Invitational I’m wide awake despite my best intentions to get a solid 7 hours ahead of tomorrow.

I also wanted to include this little piece in the Biz Blog at some point but could never really figure out a way to until now. Business Insider just did a piece on fictional Hollywood agent Ari Gold so I thought I’d share my thoughts on this unlikely anti hero.

In the youtube piece below, Ari advices Turtle on what’s necessary to secure an investor for his idea.

I like this piece because of the emphasis Ari puts on making something of yourself, just how tough it is. And also just how important it is to have a plan to do it.

An idea is only as good as its execution, and that’s where the real work comes in. A lot of the time this stuff isn’t work (building the Invitational takes hours upon hours but doesn’t feel like work), whereas other times it’s a grind (cleaning, finding links, editing photos, contacting businesses for partnerships, starting conversations and handing out business cards feels a lot like work). But, to be successful you’ve got to do what you need to do whether you want to or not.

Honestly, if I was to get involved in any other business, all the questions Ari asked would be vital, and the only thing I’d concern myself with. With CrossFit Ireland though, it’s always been beyond that: A compulsion to build something awesome.

Having said that, the community we have and I bask in wouldn’t be nearly as awesome if we hadn’t become a business. The Invitational wouldn’t be the stellar celebration of people defying their expectations it is if we hadn’t the premises and the organisation that comes with running a full time gig. 70 people wouldn’t be rocking the “Institute of Awesomeness” t-shirt either.

If you are starting up a CrossFit Affiliate, or any labour of love, get to know your numbers intimately well. As Andy Petranek said “Decide what you are – a group, club, or a business. If you’re a club or a group – have fun… enjoy… train hard… keep anything related to business out of it as much as you can. If you’re a business, make sure your plan includes you actually making money. Make sure you’re clear on what it will take for you to do that (ie – # clients, $$ of monthly membership rev, monthly overhead, etc)”. This isn’t some overly dispassionate capitalist greed, it’s what will truly develop a sustainable environment that will support you in developing people to their fullest.

Numbers are your vegetables. The community is your ice cream.


PS. Entourage is a pretty kick ass show, you should watch it.